I have had Running River clean my area rugs many times and I was always happy with the work and the fantastic customer service. I would not hesitate to recommend Running River.

Donna M

I sent a very old wool rug for cleaning that was really badly soiled. Wow was I surprised, the carpet came back so clean and I was happy to have my beautiful rug back. Thanks for the great work.

Lorraine A

I am very happy with how well our area rugs came out after cleaning. I was worried about the urine odor in our rugs and they came back fresh and clean.”

Catherine M

When you’re looking for a knowledgeable rug cleaner in the New York area I recommend Running River Rug Cleaning.

Brian Ritchie

If you are in New York. These are the people you trust your works of art too. No if’s and’s or butt’s they know what they are doing

Ken Jordan

Anyone in the New York area looking for quality rug cleaning? Give Running River Rug Cleaning a call. I highly recommend these guys. Very knowledgeable about the work they preform. Super Nice people.

Randy ODell

Too many absolute positive things to be liked and appreciated, very knowledgeable, very experienced, very supportive, very hardworking, and overall, very humble. Thank you Running River.

Hamza Kanaan

Hands down some of the most knowledgable people in the industry!

Zac Presnell

Trusting someone to care for the textiles we love so much is a huge decision, but you can be confident when you hire Doug and his team at Running River. They have the latest training, equipment & most importantly – the experience to care for even your most delicate textiles. You can rest assured that your beloved items are in the hands of a master, who loves them as much as you do!

Nathan Koets

They truly have a passion for rugs. Running River is also run by nationally recognized cleaning experts. They really do great work.

Ryan Marina Stutes

Running River Rug Cleaning knows how to clean the finest rugs the world has made. They give personal care to fine rugs which means they hand wash them one at a time using fresh water- a running river. The finest rugs in the world are cleaned one rug at a time, which is why they continue to be the finest rugs in the world.

Donna Edwards

Running River Rug Cleaning is the best of the best. They’re the company that trained me, as well as a lot of others, in the art of fine rug cleaning.

John Sheridan

The team of Running River are passionate, trusted and proficient rug cleaners. You can tell they are sincere rug lovers that treat your textile with the utmost care. I highly recommend them!

Brian Jespersen

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