Cleaning Peshawar Rugs

What do you know about the Peshawar rugs?

In the most simple way they can be described as: hand knotted wool, new from Pakistan, top of the line floral Oushak designs taken from rugs from the Ottoman Empire, recreated in fashionable updated colors for the American market, golden and tan.

peshawar rug cleaningPeshawar (Peshavar) rugs and carpets are sometimes also referred to as chobi rugs, which a loose translation means “of wood” or of natural colors.

The Peshawar style is highly characterized by a thinly sheered pile, large print designs, and most predominant, their antique ivory and sometimes golden tones. It is fairly unusual for a Peshawar carpet to have more than 8 distinct colors, and the general overtone has a “washed-out” or sometimes even faded appearance. Speaking of washing, remember they are an organic fiber that needs a knowing touch.

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