How To Buy A Quality Rug

Running River Rug Cleaning had the privilege to clean this beauty ----- an early 1900 Persian hand woven rug

Running River Rug Cleaning had the privilege to clean this beauty —– an early 1900 Persian hand woven rug

When it comes to investment grade woven or machine made rugs, what one person considers a true woven treasure or high quality machine made rug another person would choose not to purchase. Being around quality woven rugs can be addicting similar to collecting art work. One collector may like Persian rugs while another may purchase only kilim or tribal rugs from a specific region or family of weavers.  When purchasing rugs many factors should be taken into consideration in addition to personal preference for color, design, and construction.

A high quality wool rug will be constructed of high quality wool. Quality wool has exceptional crimp or bulk, will be very soft and stand up to years of use. Quality wool accepts dyes more efficiently and adds to the value of the rug. Hand spun wool is also desirable. KPSI or knots per square inch in a well-made rug is a major factor to the life of a rug.  Finely woven rugs or rugs with a high knot count have a longer life, add to the overall beauty and have a unique appearance.  The dye method used is another factor that separates a mediocre rug from a real woven treasure that would use only natural dyes.  Older rugs in good condition with high knot counts coupled with natural dyes like this Persian Sarouk from the early 1900s would be considered collectible to many who love rugs.  A rug’s finish is also important; many rugs undergo a specialized process of washing when being made using different amounts of bleach to create visual effects to the rug such as a high shine.

When purchasing rugs, consider the factors discussed above but most importantly choose a rug that you love, perhaps something that is unique and that you may keep in your family to pass on to future generations. Woven treasures will bring long lasting beauty and enchantment to your home, office and life.

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