Antique 20th Century Turkish Kilim

Antique 20th Century Turkish Kilim

Turkey and the region of Anatolia are recognized for its tradition of crafting kilims or “flat woven rugs” of outstanding quality and geometric designs.   The origins of Turkish kilims date back thousands of years.  In the late 13th century the Venetian explorer Marco Polo wrote about the “beautiful rugs of Konya and Karaman”, two cities in the Anatolian region he had traveled. Turkey is noted to be an area where collectors seek out the finest kilims in the world woven by artisans that have continued the tradition for hundreds of generations.

Kilim rugs are true works of art.  They are sought after for both function and decorative purposes.  The interest in kilims has increased by rug purveyors and homeowners alike in more recent years due to the beauty of their colors and geometric designs and reasonable prices.  When purchasing kilims one must consider factors such as how the rug was made, where the rug was made and by whom the rug was made.  The process of purchasing a good quality kilim that fits your personal style and function can be overwhelming.  My personal attraction to kilim rugs specifically from the Anatolia region is the incredible saturated vivid colors combined with geometric art that lends itself to a mystical quality.  Running River has resource to some of the finest kilim purveyors in the world and can help guide you in your search for unique hand woven kilims from Turkey.

Whether you are looking to purchase that perfect kilim to add to an existing rug collection or want to purchase to decorate your home or office Running River is available to guide you.  Call Running River at (631) 730-5511 for additional information or visit our website

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