Magnus The Rug Dog At Running River Rug Cleaning

magnus rug cleaning dogMeet the worlds greatest rug dog Magnus. He is our mascot at Running River Rug Cleaning. Magnus is very special. Loves woven art. Place three antique rugs on the floor and Magnus will immediately tell you which one has the finest wool. He has experience with antique and vintage rugs since he was a pup. Magnus is now 12 years old.

In the picture Magnus is with a few woven treasures from his personal collection. Magnus and team Running River personally guarantee our clients satisfaction with our craftsmanship. Restoring woven art is our passion.

Magnus is one serious collector and the worlds greatest rug dog. He loves his new Kozak rug that he purchased to add to his extensive collection of woven art. He is a great loyal companion. Very special!

Here’s a video of Magnus…

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