Navajo Rugs – True Collectible Art

Running River has had the opportunity to clean and care for many collectible Navajo works of art.  Navajo rugs and especially Navajo blankets are highly valued and well sought after by collectors.  The Navajo settled in the Southwest and were greatly influenced by the Pueblo people who introduced the use of cotton, wool and upright looms for weaving.  Early Navajo weavers developed a reputation of weaving and trading durable utilitarian blankets and serapes, long blanket-like shawls.  Distinct geometric patterns found in Navajo blankets and rugs relay the culture and history of the Navajo people.

Navajo rugs and blankets are becoming more and more desirable.  The value of Navajo textiles increase dramatically with age depicting the history and culture of a people who greatly influenced early American history.  If you are fortunate enough to own a Navajo rug or two you can truly appreciate the design, colors and complexity of these fine textiles.

Running River Rug Cleaning, IICRC Master Textile Cleaners and WoolSafe Authorized Service Provider, has the education and experience to clean and gently care for your investment quality Navajo treasure.

Antique Navajo Blanket

Antique Navajo Blanket

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