Opening Your Mind To The Rug Industry

Here at Running River Rug Cleaning we receive hundreds of testimonials a year from fine folks who appreciate our craftsmanship, knowledge and experience.

Here’s a testimonial about Doug one of the skilled rug cleaners at Running River…

Doug is a one of a kind man.

We wouldn’t trust our $20,000 rugs with anyone else.

You won’t find someone with Doug’s level of experience to clean or sell you an investment quality textile.

He is also a great teacher, 30 minutes with Doug will open your mind to the rug industry on a whole new level.

He’s even good enough to pinpoint almost ever region your rug was made.

Outstanding performance and quality of work.

I highly recommend you give these guys a call today.

– Garrett Allen Field, San Diego CA

Garrett owns Steam Team Tile & Grout Cleaning out of California and has trained under Doug to learn the art of rug cleaning and restoration. And although Running River does receive rugs from all over the country to clean and restore, most of our customers come from the New York area. When you need your antique and precious rugs cleaned and restored call Running River Rug Cleaning at (631) 730-5511 to schedule a pickup.

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