Pakistani Knotted Rugs

There are three major kinds of Beljik Pakastani Rug knotted rugs: Bokhara, Persian and Tribal (Baluchi, Beljik, Chobi, Gabbeh, Heriz, Kazak, Khal-Mahaamdi, Shairwan, Qashqai). Chobi rugs were a response to the North American fashion taste that intended to modify the boldness of the traditional rugs in order to give a muted and antique look of natural wood color that was desired by modern fashion industry. The Beljik is noteworthy because of rich colors and the rugs are generally considered to be the finest of all tribal style rugs. They are made with finely-spun wool and knotted into intricate geometric patterns with complex borders. With the wool for these carpets is only taken from the belly of the sheep, it increases the number of sheep required to produce this wool and therefore the price of this wool. The dyes used in Beljiks are commercially-produced. Beljiks sometimes have needlework detailing along their fringe and bound edges, adding to the overall intricacy of the carpet. The other most popular rug from Pakistan (other than the abundant Bukhara), Kazaks are known for their indigo blues, reds and ivories, and their informal appearance. Kazak rugs are almost entirely naturally-dyed, however, Kazak natural dyes are commercially farmed natural dyes (such as indigo and cochineal) and are therefore less labor intensive for than harvesting in nature.

You ask why this so important its like saying all baseball teams are the Yankees! All Pakistani rugs can’t be lumped in one category so take the time to learn their qualities and not only will they be easier to care for you will appreciate them all the more.Running River Rug Cleaning ®

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