Pet Urine and Your Woven Treasure

home-thumbWe love our pets, but we don’t love the damage they can sometimes do to our beautiful woven treasures. Pet urine can be a major problem for wool rugs, reasons being the construction type and ability to absorb moisture. Urine travels to the foundation of rugs and undergoes a chemical change from an acid to alkali (high on the pH scale). Alkali damages wool and other natural fibers and has a detrimental affect by weakening dyes in the rug. The uric acid breaks down into ammonia and forms into salt crystals.

These salt crystals attract moisture creating an environment for bacteria to flourish and creating that obnoxious ammonia based odor. Pet urine left unattended can cause permanent color loss and stain your rug. Unfortunately color loss cannot be corrected by cleaning. To preserve your rugs be certain to address pet accidents immediately. Prevent as much urine as possible from sinking to the back of the rug by gently blotting the urine contaminated area with an absorbent white cotton towel. To prevent damage to your rug pet urine must be removed completely. Depending on the situation, the best bet when it comes to urine decontamination is to call a professional rug cleaning company such as Running River Rug Cleaning to save your rug.
Running River Rug Cleaning’s urine decontamination process removes pet urine from the foundation thoroughly flushing and sanitizing to prevent permanent damage and eliminate that yucky pet urine odor. Rest assured Running River has the ability through years of experience and education to resolve pet urine problems. Contact us we are always happy to help save a rug and restore the beauty and elegance to your woven treasure!

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