Running River Rug Cleaning Delivers Cleaner & Healthier Rugs Using Advanced Water Purification

1910 Woven Treasure

Running River takes great pride in using clean and healthy water to wash our client’s investment quality rugs.  Clients comment often on how bright the colors appear after cleaning in addition to softness and shine to the wool.

To clean investment grade textiles and achieve the ultimate results it all starts with the quality of water a rug plant uses in the cleaning process.  Running River owners Doug Heiferman and John Long have a combined 55 years of experience in the field of textile maintenance specializing in investment quality and antique rugs.  Doug’s background as an Industry Consultant and Trainer enable Running River to bring a unique perspective by employing advanced water purification in order to deliver the ultimate cleaning of your fine woven rug.

Running River has a water purification system to remove chemicals and other particulates from the water used in our cleaning process.  The system reduces any chlorine, salt, iron, fluoride, aluminum and calcium commonly found in water.  The system also has the added feature of being able to add chemical free disinfection to the water which is a safeguard to eliminating any harmful microorganisms during the cleaning process.

Running River believes in providing a cleaner clean while limiting our environmental footprint.  When your woven treasure is cleaned by Running River’s IICRC Master Textile Cleaners and WoolSafe Authorized Service Provider, the results are that your rug is cleaner and healthier and the process removes contaminants and residues which translate to a vibrant work of art that will last for many years to come.

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