Maintaining Your Wool Area Rug

Oriental rugs are truly works of art.  While these works of art are primarily situated on the floors of homes and offices their beauty can last for decades if maintained properly.  Abrasive soils can cause damage to the face pile yarns and foundation of the rug.  To avoid damaging soil from becoming lodged in the foundation, rugs must be vacuumed on a regular basis.  Vacuums with beater bar attachments are not the best for wool since wool is a short staple fiber.  Instead use a quality vacuum with a suction attachment.  In addition, take special care when it comes to fringe on your area rug.  Avoid placing a vacuum’s beater bar on fringe which can tangle, tear and basically chew up fringe.  While vacuuming on a regular basis is imperative, it is highly recommended to send your area rug out periodically for professional cleaning and dusting equipment made to remove those damaging soils from deep within the foundation of the rug.   Following these tips will help to maintain  the longevity and beauty of your wool area rug.

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