Tribal Designed Rugs

The attraction of tribal style designs is the intricate receptive nature of most design motifs. Usually, formal carpets are graphed onto paper so that weavers could replicate the intricate motifs. In the tribal style rug, repeating motifs and are repeated in combinations. Weavers were able to memorize the motifs that made up their tribes visual nomenclature. And they were able to produce their rugs without the aid o12039593_1609832012607072_6229496849207902894_nf graphs of samplers. Individuality was expressed in small ways. The overall design scheme and color combinations of tribal rugs is fairly consistent except for those wonderful unique accents.

What is an authentic tribal style rug? Is it a rug that is with vegetable dyes exclusively made? Is it a rug that predates influence from western markets? Or is it a rug that maintains a certain level of design integrity, using the patterns form the tribe? Ideally each individual rug should be judged on its own merits. The 1980s saw the raise of the natural dye renaissance in hand knotted rugs. Rug producers started experimenting successfully with reviving the natural dye recipes to unlock the secrets of these radiant colors and were not only interested in great color but they were also interested in great design. And don’t take these rugs for granted! Fewer and fewer people are interested in weaving rugs today. Younger generations in Persia, Turkey, India, Afghanistan and elsewhere are no longer going into the skilled craft of weaving. Maybe, in as few as 20 years from now, hand woven rug maybe be extinct!

It is my honor to be able to care for these incredible rugs today at Running River Rug Cleaning.

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