Step 1

Running River Rug Cleaning carefully inspects each rug to identify any pre-existing conditions and will provide the client with a written pre-inspection report. If additional work is required an estimate will be provided and client will have the opportunity to authorize work at that time.

Step 2
Dust Removal

Performed to remove dry particulate soils. Professional equipment is used to simulate old fashioned beating of the rug. We use Rug Badger equipment which is made to gently clean even the finest and most delicate of rugs. Rug dusting is key to proper cleaning.

Step 3
Gentle Bath

WoolSafe Approved cleaning products are used during this part of the process. An expert hand washing in a submersion bath with mild agitation will restore the beauty, colors and feel to your rug.

Step 4

Rugs are thoroughly rinsed to remove soils, contaminants and any cleaning product residue. The knap is brushed to ensure softness as it dries. Any fringe on the rug is also brushed out during rinsing.

Step 5
Water Extraction

Special equipment and squeegees remove as much water as possible before drying which delivers a nice, soft texture.

Step 6
The Dry Room

Running River uses the latest techniques to make certain your valued rug is properly dry. Running River uses dry tower and specialty made air tables to rapidly dry your rug. This assures a truly clean rug with vibrant dyes that last for generations.

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