Rug Cleaning

The key to a long life of your beautiful woven treasure is proper cleaning. Rugs will be picked up, hand washed in our plant and redelivered. Rugs can also be shipped to our facility. Running River cleans all types of rugs and fibers including handmade, hand knotted, machine made, Orientals, Persians, silk, wool, antique, natural, synthetics, blends.

Green Cleaning, Hypoallergenic, Organic, Natural Cleaning

Running River Rug Cleaning understands that our valued clients desire not only clean rugs, rugs must be in a healthy state through rinsing with specialized softened water using organic and natural products available upon request.

Repair & Reweaving

Running River is your best choice for rug repair. Our specialty is repairs of woven Oriental rugs. There may come a time when your treasured heirloom develops a hole or the binding on the side needs to be overcast. If your rug needs replacement of the fringe you can rest assured of the highest quality repair done by true artisans.

Odor Removal, Pet Urine Decontamination

A specialty at Running River Rug Cleaning is the unique ability to remove urine odors from woven wool and silk rugs. Don’t worry at Running River we have helped hundreds of clients save their woven treasures from the detrimental effects of urine and pet odors. 

Fiber Protector Application 

Wool and natural fibers are highly absorbent and certain stains can permanently damage the rug’s dye structure. This type of damage severely decreases the value of your wool or silk rug. Running River’s WoolSafe protector application will limit absorption of unwanted material. If you would like to extend the life of your rug and minimize the risk of permanent damage from staining just ask about our fiber protector service. It is highly recommended for most rugs.

Moth Proofing

Protect your rug against moths and prevent damage caused by the larva that consume fiber. Moth larva love to eat wool that is affected or disturbed, particularly in areas underneath furniture where you can’t vacuum often and with little to no foot traffic. Running River Rug Cleaning also provides a moth resistant storage service using special wrapping unattractive to moths and other insects.


We will be happy to properly store and provide excellent care of your woven treasure for short or extended periods of time.

Padding Cut to Size 

Running River Rug Cleaning will size and provide the proper padding for your rug. The proper pad will help eliminate slippage, matting, crushing and premature wear, extending the life of your rug and adding protection to the surface upon which the rug sits.


Performed by FCITS Certified Carpet Inspector, WoolSafe Approved Wool Fiber Care Specialist, IICRC Master Textile Cleaner and overall rug expert Doug Heiferman

Drop Off and Shipping Service Available

We can pick up or you can drop off your rug to our cleaning facility in Medford, NY. We will be happy to unload the rug from your vehicle. Rugs can also be shipped direct to our facility, simply contact our office for additional details and estimates.

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