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HomePro Spotter 16 oz. $15.95 Shipping Included

HomePro Spotter has a neutral pH safe for most fibers and is unbelievable in its ability to remove stubborn spots and stains.

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HomePro Pet Spotter Plus 16oz $16.95 Shipping Included

Nothing works better at removing stains and odor. For pets, kids and more. No matter what end of the pet the problem comes from Pets Spotter Plus will handle it.

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Curl Stop
Curl Stop $16.99 FREE Shipping

Anti-Curling Rug System.  Pack of 4 Corners.  Keeps rug corners flat.  No sharp edges that could damage your rug.  Holds tight to rug, not your floors.  Stays rigid and installs

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carpet grooming tools
Grandi Groom Carpet Rake $26.99 Shipping Included

This carpet grooming rake is used by professional carpet cleaners to loosen embedded soil, remove pet hair, revive matted carpet. Revitalize tired looking high-pile carpet.  18 inches head

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Persian Rug with Dye Bleed - Courtesy of Running River Rug Cleaning, NY
Area Rugs for Sale

Looking for that special area rug?!  We sell rugs too.  Call for details about our beautiful rug collection!!

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